Sylshina London, Chicago Cop, Fabricated Assault, Causing Accused Woman To Miss Sister's Funeral: Report

A Chicago police officer has been charged with perjury after fabricating an assault, causing the woman accused to be convicted of battery and miss her sister's funeral.

Former patrol officer Sylshina London, 36, who resigned from the Chicago Police force earlier this year, was freed in lieu of $30,000 bail on Wednesday over false testimony she delivered during Debra Green's battery trial last year, NBC Chicago reports.

London was late for work on March 19, 2010 after prosecutors say she was cutting in and out of a funeral procession on Vincennes Avenue, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. Green, who was part of the procession for her sister's funeral, yelled at London and indicated her vehicle's funeral procession sticker. Prosecutors say London then called in a false police report complaining that Green threw a bottle that hit London through her open car window. 20 blocks later "numerous police" vehicles were waiting, and Green and several other relatives were detained, causing them to miss the funeral.

London testified against Green last September, and Green was convicted based on London's testimony.

Complaints from other members of the funeral procession prompted the Independent Police Review Authority to review blue-light camera footage from the intersection where the incident allegedly took place, according to NBC. The footage showed that London's window was closed when she claimed the bottle flew through her window and hit her in the face.

Green's battery conviction has been dismissed. London's hearing on the charges against her is scheduled for Nov. 8, NBC reports.

“We will not tolerate this type of misconduct from any citizen, particularly a police officer, and we will actively seek charges whenever we discover evidence that proves a citizen has lied on the witness stand,” Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez said in a prepared statement, according to the Sun-Times.