Sylvester Stallone Offers A Brutal Review Of Trump Water In Resurfaced Clip

The "Rocky" actor, who once had a water brand of his own, taste-tested the water in 2007.

Sylvester Stallone unknowingly took a sip of Donald Trump’s water and he shared a blunt review of its taste in a resurfaced “Access Hollywood” clip from 2007. (You can watch the “Rocky” actor’s review below.)

The clip of Stallone, who once gave the water business a try with his Sly Water brand, reappeared on Twitter following Trump’s promise that he’d bring “thousands” of his “Trump Spring Water” bottles to residents of East Palestine, Ohio, on Wednesday.

The former president, who made the vow to the community devastated by a toxic train derailment earlier this month, added that some of the bottles he’d brought for residents were of lesser quality than his own water brand.

In the resurfaced video, Stallone spoke with “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush, infamously known for another Trump clip, and boasted about his own Sly Water brand before the host set him up with a taste test of a “different water.”

“Whatever it is, I wouldn’t wash my socks in this,” Stallone said after a swig of the other water.

Bush revealed the other water was Trump Ice, a water brand that has been defunct since 2010 though “Trump Natural Spring Water” is now served at Trump’s restaurants, and the two couldn’t help but laugh about the water.

“I love Donald, I’m sorry,” Stallone said before engaging his water bottle in a “Rocky”-like fight with a Trump Ice bottle.

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