Sylvester Stallone Cowboys Up In First Look Photos For 'Rambo 5'

This makeover of the action hero will shock you.

Rambo is now riding the range.

Sylvester Stallone looks like a cowboy ― either that or he stepped out of an old Ralph Lauren ad ― in photos he shared Tuesday of his iconic Vietnam vet-turned-action hero character for the fifth installment in Hollywood’s Rambo franchise.

Dude is dressed, well, like a dude, in a plaid shirt and chaps.

Deadline reported in May that the “Rambo 5” plot involves the hero working on a ranch when he runs afoul of a Mexican drug cartel. So that explains the Western gear. But still, who expected Rambo to morph into Clint Eastwood?

Stallone’s John Rambo debuted in 1982′s “First Blood,” and later headlined 1985’s “Rambo: First Blood Part II,” 1988’s “Rambo III” and 2008’s “Rambo.”

The 72-year-old actor’s other iconic character, boxer Rocky Balboa from the 1976 film “Rocky,” appears in “Creed II” opening Nov. 21.