'Synthetic GAYbies By Dolce & Gabbana' Released By Openly Jake (VIDEO)

WATCH: This Vlogger Has Some (Hilarious) Choice Words For Dolce & Gabbana

This is one way to tell Dolce & Gabbana how you really feel!

This hilarious YouTube video comes from actor Ryan Fisher playing a fictional vlogger named Jake Reynolds. In case you've been living under a rock, much of the queer community is not happy with Dolce & Gabbana after the pair (and former couple) claimed that the only valid children are those born through "natural" male/female intercourse.

Reynolds spends the video trying to wrap his head about the cognitive disconnect of these comments in a hilarious fashion. The Huffington Post chatted with producers this week about the Jake Reynolds character and Fisher's decision to take part in this video.

The Huffington Post: What is the concept for fictional blogger Jake Reynolds?
The concept for @OpenlyJake is to take a light-hearted comedic spin on LGBT topics, as part of a scripted dramedy series on the Rush It Network called The SpinOffs. The character does have a bit of Ryan in him as an actor, as the lovable guy who is friends with everyone. But, as we see in a handful of his LGBT topic posts, will not shy away from an opinionated vlog post. The character's best friend is a straight guy named Colin Wiley, so that dynamic is always fun as well. It taps into a storyline that isn't afraid to tackle LGBT societal issues and poke fun at the same time.

What are you trying to accomplish with this video?
This video specifically was the idea of actor Ryan Fisher, who read all the posts on the Dolce & Gabbana story and, from a personal standpoint, couldn't believe two openly gay men would take this kind of stand against the LGBT community as a whole.

How does this fit in with other videos that Jake Reynolds has done?
The videos are generally light. However, you'll see he features a handful of relevant topics throughout, such as the gay kiss on "The Walking Dead," an interview with "I Am Michael"'s Michael Glatz, and gay marriage in Florida.

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