Sypreme Essence, The Warrior Within

Life can be challenging at times. Better yet, the more accurate way to describe it is that it can “come at you fast”. With that being the case, we have to be prepared enough and strong enough to bob and weave through the thoroughfares. That can be tough for some. Everyone is not equipped with “Warrior DNA”. Sypreme Essence has just that! Warrior DNA. Growing up in Connecticut, with her grandmother in a loving stable home, Sypreme had the makings of greatness early on. She went to a good high school and had all of the best that life had to offer in front of her. But living in a great neighborhood with a loving stable hand to guide her didn’t lend to the excitement that the young Sypreme was yearning for. Just a stone’s throw from the rough side of town and a couple of corners away from where the bad boys hung out, Sypreme went looking for that excitement. The thrill of hanging out with people who lived on the edge of the law fed that thrill seeking inner monster for her. However, that would quickly lead to trouble. Nothing comes without a cost associated with it. Sypreme learned quickly that loyalty to a very “disloyal” environment would be to her detriment. Sypreme found herself in a situation that the comfort of her stable upbringing could not rescue her. Bad boys, fast times, and disloyal friends helped Sypreme out of her safety net and into a cold, dark jail cell. This young lady who had gone to good schools, got good grades, and came from the “right” side of the tracks had made a grave mistake by diving into the pool of petty drug crimes with her “new” friends. Those friends quickly turned on her and left her to do the jail time. While sitting in that cell Sypreme had a chance to look at the landscape of her life and really analyze what needed to change. Her conclusion was that SHE needed to change. Her mindset needed to change. No more taking things for granted and taking chances on things that had no payoff other than jail house fatigues. Sitting in that cell, a new person was formed. And that is the person that emerged some time later. Ms. Sypreme Essence pulled from that “Warrior DNA” that was inside her in order to reshape what her world looked like. She took her circumstances and turned it into a learning opportunity. Sypreme emerged from that jail cell a Warrior! She began to funnel that energy into entrepreneurship. The idea of a mobile boutique was born during those nights of laying awake in that cell hoping for another chance. Putting all of her energy and resources into her mobile boutique, Sypreme felt she was on a roll. Finally! She had gotten it together and her future was bright. Then it happened. Life through her a curve ball that she couldn’t catch. The mobile boutique was a renovated bus, equipped with bathrooms and state of the art decor. But as with anything, the more it costs to acquire, the more it costs to keep. The bus broke down one day. The repairs were quoted as being $4000.00 to get rolling again. Not having the cash on hand, Sypreme jetted to the bank to borrow the money. In her mind, being a business owner of course she could get a loan. Not necessarily true. Yes, she had a business, yes, it was doing well, and yes she was no longer living on the ‘dark side’. But the one thing she needed to get the loan, she did not have: CREDIT. That one thing kept her from getting her mobile business back on the road. It was a devastating blow. At that moment, her ‘Warrior DNA’ kicked in again! She was determined to get back in the game and get that loan. So she went to a thrift store and bought every book on the shelf to help her learn how to restore her credit. She soaked in the knowledge and put it to work. In less than a year, she had cleaned up her credit and acquired what she needed to get what she wanted. A curious thing began to happen after that. She began to document the journey and other people in the same situation began to reach out to her for help. Next thing you know, helping others fix their credit became her cause. She knew then why the road of life had taken the turn that it did. There was a bigger assignment for her life and Credit Warriors Inc. was born. Now Sypreme has clients all over the country that her business Credit Warriors Inc. assists. She went from needing $4000 to fix her bus to now having thousands of clients across the country. Credit Warriors Inc. is now one of the premier privately owned credit repair companies in the country. When I asked Sypreme during our interview what she attributed to her success, her answer was simple. “When I changed my mindset, it changed my life”. To get more information on Credit Warriors, go to You can also find them on Instagram and Facebook @creditwarriorsinc.

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