Go Inside Syracuse Sororities' Bid Day With The Kumquat's Nature Documentary Spoof (VIDEO)

A group of Syracuse University students took part in a "breathtaking feat of wildlife journalism" to go inside the school's annual Bid Day, when pledges find out if any sororities have picked them to join.

The video is a spoof of a nature documentary, complete with fake accents, safari shirts and music from "The Lion King." It was produced by the Kumquat, the year-old satirical news show at Syracuse responsible for videos like "Freshmen Advice" and "Goaty 2012."

Videos capturing what actually happens at Syracuse on Bid Day -- when hundreds of young women run around campus, dance and spray silly string -- are hilarious enough. This is how campus publication The Newshouse described the scene earlier this month:

Back on Walnut, the roar of the welcoming party had intensified as Haddaway’s “What is Love (Baby Don’t Hurt Me)” pulsed through giant speakers. Three sisters thrashed around on the steps of the Alpha Phi house, banging a soup ladle on a frying pan. Nine women—one of them heartily playing a vuvuzela—leapt around atop a Dodge 4x4 parked on the Kappa Alpha Theta lawn. Alpha Tau Omega brothers watched from their porch, alternating between dancing maniacally and preparing bouquets of carnations and roses for new Kappa Alpha Theta pledges.

But the Kumquat presents a slightly different view of events. The video's three guides, Leonardo, Rodrigo and Felicity, were brave enough to attend the "Running of the Girls" and get up close as the "tribes accept new members."

The video ends with an ominous warning for the "sororitus" to beware of the "hornicus fraternicus," panning over to show a band of "hunters" on the porch of a fraternity house.

Watch the entire video above.



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