Syracuse Scandal: Laurie Fine To Contest Integrity Of Tape-Recorded Conversations?

Ex-Syracuse Coach's Wife To Contest Tape-Recorded Conversation?

A stunning development in the Syracuse abuse scandal occurred over the weekend when ESPN's "Outside The Line" aired tape-recorded conversations between alleged victim Bobby Davis and the wife of former assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine.

But Laurie Fine is reportedly preparing to suggest those tapes were doctored.

According to the tapes provided by Davis, Laurie Fine admitted knowledge of the alleged abuse by her husband and revealed her belief that "he thinks he's above the law."

Later in the segment, Davis told ESPN that he also had a sexual relationship with Laurie. He claimed that she initiated it and that the two have had sexual intercourse.

However, Matt Govendo, the nephew of Fine's wife, claimed on Monday that Laurie would contest the integrity of the phone recordings. Per CNN, Govendo said that Laurie will release a statement on Tuesday admitting that it is in fact her voice, but that some portions of the recording "are all tampered with."

Bernie, who was fired on Sunday, is under investigation for sexually abusing two boys who served as ball boys for the basketball team.

A third accuser, Zach Tomaselli of Lewiston, Maine, came forward over the weekend and told the police that the former coach molested him in 2002 in a Pittsburgh hotel room.

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