Doctors Without Borders: Hospital In Northern Syria 'Deliberately' Hit By Air Strikes

"The destruction of this hospital deprives about 40,000 people of healthcare in this conflict zone."

PARIS, Feb 15 (Reuters) - Seven people were killed in air strikes in Syria on a hospital supported by Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), the charity's France president said on Monday, adding that he believed Russia or Syrian government forces were behind the attack.

"There were at least seven deaths among the personnel and the patients, and at least eight MSF personnel have disappeared, and we don't know if they are alive," Mego Terzian told Reuters.

The hospital near Murat al-Numan in the northern Syrian province of Idlib was struck earlier on Monday by four missiles.

"The author of the strike is clearly ... either the government or Russia," he said, adding that it was not the first time MSF facilities had been targeted in the country.

The hospital, which has 54 staff and 30 beds, is financed by the medical charity. MSF also supplies medicine and equipment to the facility.

(Reporting by Pauline Mevel; Writing by John Irish; Editing by James Regan)


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