Syria Crisis Digest: May 26 - June 1

Each week, HuffPost World will provide the top stories out of Syria and a recap of events in the country's year-long uprising, as President Bashar Assad’s regime continues its bloody crackdown.

May 26 - June 1 In Review


Media Not To Miss

Channel 4's Alex Thomson reports from Houla, where he spoke to victims of the massacre.

It is almost as if the events of the massacre are too off the scale to deal with, as well they might be. What can you say when you sit in a room full of people from this town and look at video depicting a large room filled with 18 bodies of toddlers and small children. They are not covered – they are there, eyes wide open, frozen in the terrified stare of death.

BEIRUT -- When the gunmen began to slaughter his family, 11-year-old Ali el-Sayed says he fell to the floor of his home, soaking his clothes with his brother's blood to fool the killers into thinking he was already dead.

The Syrian boy tried to stop himself from trembling, even as the gunmen, with long beards and shaved heads, killed his parents and all four of his siblings, one by one.

AP Photos Show Grisly Aftermath Of Houla Massacre

Houla Massacre