Syria Helicopter Video: Footage Shows Rebels Firing On Helicopter (VIDEO)

Dramatic, unverified new footage shows Syrian rebels firing a shoulder-mounted surface-to-air missile, hitting a presumably state-controlled helicopter that had been flying in the middle distance. (Watch above.)

The video was uploaded by YouTube user Armoured BrigadeAleppo on Monday, June 10.

Before and after the rocket is fired, a man can be heard repeatedly intoning "Allahu Akbar," or "God is the greatest."

It is unclear whether the rebels were successful in bringing down the enemy copter.

The Syrian army dealt a massive blow to rebel forces last week by conquering the strategic rebel-held town of Qusair with the aid of Lebanese Hezbollah fighters. Assad's declining vulnerability has further complicated the American debate over whether, and how, to intervene in Syria.

Still, the rebels continue their violent struggle. On Tuesday, two suicide bombers blew themselves up at a police station in the capital Damascus, killing at least 14.



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