Syria Massacre: Houla Child Witness Describes Mother's Murder (VIDEO)

In a new amateur video uploaded to YouTube, a young Syrian boy describes witnessing the murder of his family during last week's horrifying massacre in the town of Houla.

The boy says his uncles and brothers were taken by security forces. He claims his mother was shot five times in the head after she shouted at soldiers who entered their house. The boy survived, he says, because he 'played dead' after he was shot himself.

The video could not independently be verified.

More than 100 civilians were murdered last Friday in one of the worst massacres since the violence started in Syria 15 months ago. According to eyewitnesses, gunmen slaughtered entire families in their homes, targeting women, children and the elderly. Survivors of the killings blamed pro-regime militiamen for the carnage. Syria's regime denies a role in the murders.