Syrian Aid Worker Breaks Down Crying On TV Over Bloody War

"I don't want to lose hope, but how can I do this?"

"For God's sake, it is enough!"

Zaidoun al-Zoabi, an aid worker with the Union of Syrian Medical Relief Organizations, sat down on CNN's "Amanpour" Tuesday from Gaziantep, Turkey, to shed light on the difficulties he and his team face.

"We haven't slept in days now. It's beyond our capacity," he said on the verge of tears. 

The Syrian civil war has entered its fourth year, with hundreds of thousands dead and no end in sight.

"I don't want to lose hope, but how can I do this?" al-Zoabi said. "Enough for us, please end this war! Do something to end this war!"

"So tired, so helpless," al-Zoabi said as he broke down in tears. "I'm sorry but I can't stop. We don't know what to do for God's sake."

The Union of Syrian Medical Relief Organizations and other aid groups operate from Turkish border towns and provide assistance in the wake of major attacks across Syria. Syrian government forces have systematically targeted hospitals and medical workers, according to a U.N. report.

Al-Zoabi explained that they're stretched thin; they're unable to provide adequate food and medical supplies because the violence is continuous. He and his fellow aid workers had not slept in four days, he said.



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