Syrian Child Refugee Has Beautiful Outlook Despite Representing 1 Million Displaced Children (VIDEO)

WATCH: Young Syrian Refugee Helps Sister With Disabilties, Has Best Attitude Ever

Aya, an 8-year-old Syrian refugee, hasn't been to school in two years, but her ambitions still loom large. She takes care of her sister with disabilities in a small makeshift tent in Lebanon -- all while dreaming of becoming a doctor.

The inspiring young girl, whose family fled Syria more than two years ago, is a face among the 1 million children who have been forced to leave Syria since the onset of the country's civil war, according to the UN.

"I love and miss Syria," she says in a UN video. "They began to bomb our house. We couldn't stay there any longer; we were crying a lot."

Still, she seems unfazed by the fact that only 38 percent of the funds required to meet the health and education needs of refugee children has been met, a fact cited by the UN. If the situation improves in Syria, her family will go back and she'll enroll in school.

"I want to be a doctor so I can help children," Aya says in the video. "If they come to see me and they don't have any money, I will give them medicine, a prescription and an injection so they can get better."

She represents a generation of young Syrian refugees, who account for half the number of those who have fled and whose futures hang in the balance.

"This is largely a children's refugee crisis," Jana Mason, a UNHCR senior advisor for government relations and external affairs, told The Huffington Post on Thursday. "[You'd be amazed] by just how many young children there are -- we're talking really little children. It's just heartbreaking."

The Syria humanitarian crisis and the ensuing response from aid agencies has been described as historic, and the need is still great. To learn more about the refugee crisis and how you can help, visit UNICEF and the UNHCR.

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