Share This Video Of Syrian Kids' Gorgeous Color 'Bombs' And Help Them Get A Soccer Field

According to Matthew Butler, Jenny Ljung and Joel Robbins, a splash of color can make all the difference to a child. And judging by the smiles on these kids' faces -- Butler, Ljung and Robbins seem to have point.

The three are on the team at GoBoka Play, a YouTube channel that spreads positive stories in an effort to change the world. In the channel's latest video featuring Syrian refugee children playing with color bombs, the team announces that if the video gains more than 250,000 views by Sept. 3, its sponsors -- Make Life Better Foundation and Guerrilla Aid -- will build a turf soccer field to provide the children with a safe place to play.

"We believe every kid deserves a childhood," the video explains. "One free of violence, free of war, and full of play."

According to UNICEF, 6.5 million Syrian children have been affected by the civil conflict in their homeland. Without access to clean water, sanitation or education, many of these children are living in unstable conditions in Syria's neighboring countries. More than 1 million adult and children refugees have fled to Lebanon, according to World Vision, where GoBoka Play filmed the video in Beirut.

While financial gifts are appreciated, the GoBoka Play team places its faith in the power of the Internet.

"We believe that [YouTube viewers have] the ability to do something greater than donating some money," the video's YouTube page states. "We know that you have an influence on the people that follow you on social media. And by sharing this video and asking your followers to do the same, you can be a part of doing something great for these kids."

If you want to help beyond sharing the video, Guerilla Aid will match every dollar up to $30,000 donated before Sept. 3. Learn more here.



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