What A 6-Year-Old Girl Does To Get An Education In A War-Torn City

Syrian children are going underground to continue learning amid violence in their communities.


Badeeah Hamel's school was completely destroyed in an airstrike, but Project Amal Ou Salam won't let her miss out on her education.

The organization created a one-room underground school to provide children in war-torn Syria with valuable learning opportunities and a break from the violence. Hamel goes to the school, which doesn't have windows and fits just 25 people, three times a week. Nousha Kabawat, who founded the organization, said the school helps children find stability on two fronts. 

"We're protecting them physically, but also mentally because it's totally underground. They can't hear what's happening outside ...even if they are in the center and there are these ongoing airstrikes," she said. "So really we are able to take them out of this ugly reality for that time being and immerse them in this imaginative world." 

Learn more about the Badeeah Hamel's school in the video above. 



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