Father From Zamalka, Syria, Reunites With Son Who Was Presumed Dead During Chemical Attacks (VIDEO)

After a week of heart-rending stories from Syria, this video of a father's heartwarming reunion with his son is a much-needed glimmer of good news.

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syrian father reunites with son

According to the Washington Post, Syrian activists posted the video on Monday following chemical attacks that claimed the lives of several children last Wednesday.

The man in the clip, who is unidentified in news reports, is reuniting with the son he thought he'd lost in the attacks.

The caption along with the YouTube video, translated from Arabic, states: "Many people lost their sons and relatives. Alive, dead, [they] do not know anything. [This is a] very touching meet up with his son after he lost [him] due to the chemical bombing of Zamalka."

The father first sees his son at 1:18, and finally has him back in his arms at 3:45. At 4:15, the tears start rolling.

Reddit user Shrooki shared the clip on Tuesday and wrote, "I don't understand most of it, but you don't need to know any language to see the power in this video. If you have a child, I promise you'll hold them closer tonight after watching this clip."

H/T: Reddit

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