Syria's Refugee Crisis: Hundreds Of Thousands Unprepared For Winter (VIDEO)

With violence back at home escalating between Syrian rebels and the regime of Bashar Al Assad, hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees have been displaced by the war. Almost daily, thousands are fleeing into neighboring Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq.

"It's been very fluid every day," Adrian Edwards, spokesperson for the UN Refugee Agency told The Huffington Post. "About 3,000 people a day are leaving Syria. Many people are simply going into other towns and cities, or trying to rent accommodations. But you're left with tens of thousands with nowhere else to go. We're still at a phase of seeing numbers of refugees rising, and as we go into 2013, we could see much bigger numbers."

That number of official refugees in surrounding countries now stands at nearly 450,000, and the UN expects the number to grow to over 700,000 by the end of the year. An addition 2.5 million more are internally displaced in Syria, unable or unwilling to escape, or unregistered in neighboring countries.

"The humanitarian situation inside Syria is deteriorating quite rapidly, and clearly that has an impact on the neighboring countries. We are really concerned of protection of civilians," Panos Moumtzis, the UNHCR Regional Refugee Coordinator for Syria told HuffPost Live host Ahmed Shihab-Eldin Monday.

As of November 22nd, the number of Syrian refugees either registered or awaiting registration in Lebanon was 127,420; 125,670 in Jordan; 123,747 in Turkey; 55,685 in Iraq; and nearly 10,000 in North African countries.

Camps near the Syrian border are in dire need of supplies, as many people fled Syria during the summer. Housed in fabric tents, women, families and children risk braving the coming winter in the temporary shelters, which provide little warmth.

Lara Setrakian, founder of Syria Deeply and a foreign correspondent based in Amman, Jordan, recently went to the Al Zaatari refugee camp, which houses nearly 41,000 refugees.

"You could see the kids somewhat resilient, but you could see the adults bearing the weight of this catastrophe," she told HuffPost Live. "They have some food for their kids, but the malnutrition is setting in, and kids are getting sick from the cold. These flimsy tents, the clothing they have, the blankets they have are not nearly enough."