T-Mobile Releases Additional Information on the G2

As I have mentioned before I am rather excited to see how fast the first HSPA+ smartphone really is. My initial experience with T-Mobile's webConnect Rocket USB Laptop Stick (HSPA+ native) was rather impressive. JkOnTheRun's Kevin Tofel clocked the stick at -- 9.11 Mbp/s download and 2.73 Mbp/s upload. You can begin to imagine the importance the HSPA+ network holds for T-Mobile - true wireless broadband speeds. By year's end Magenta had planned on covering 100 million Americans in more than 55 major metropolitan areas. The company has recently updated those figures and now plans to double that number.

We are now on pace to more than double our HSPA+ footprint reaching more than 200 million people by this year with plans to offer 42Mbps theoretical speeds in 2011.

-Neville Ray, chief network officer for T-Mobile USA.

T-Mobile has been leaking out details very slowly - building the suspense like a great Stephen King novel. Up until recently the company had not release specifics - that changed as of yesterday, September 8, 2010:

  • tight integration with Google services

  • specifically designed for T-Mobile's new HSPA+ network
  • designed by HTC
  • 3.7-inch screen
  • a full QWERTY keyboard
  • preorder the G2 starting later this month (T-Mobile customers only)
  • android 2.2
  • first smartphones in the industry to offer the new Voice Actions feature of Google Search
  • integrated access to Google Voice
  • snapdragon MSM7230 mobile processor (800 MHz CPU)
  • hd video camera (720p)
  • 5-megapixel camera with LED flash and autofocus
  • pre-installed 8GB microSD memory card with support for up to 32 GB
  • dedicated Quick Keys for one-touch access to your favorite Google shortcuts and applications
  • adobe FlashPlayer enabled Web browsing experience
  • pinch and zoom functionality for Web browsing and photo gallery
  • 4GB internal memory with pre-installed 8GB micro SD card, with support for up to 32 GB of external memory
  • built-in 3.5mm headphone jack, stereo headset and Bluetooth support
  • swype text input for fast, accurate communication
  • You can read the full press release at the T-Mobile Press Room.

    It's a laundry list of features but it's an impressive list. If you want to get more information about the G2 visit and register for the updates -- http://g2.t-mobile.com.