These T. Rex Engagement Photos Are The Pick-Me-Up We Need Right Now

They will make your heart (dino)saur.

Love is not extinct, folks.

A pair of lovey-dovey dinosaurs took their engagement photos in Mirabeau Park in Spokane Valley, Washington on Sunday with photographers (and couple) Greg Basel and Maria Adams behind the lens.

Well, aren't they sweet!
A little dino PDA.

Sadly, the T. Rexes are not an item in real life; Maria’s cousin, Stephanie Mills, and her friend Marian put on the dino suits for the just-for-fun photo shoot.

And they did a stellar job. I mean, check out these romantic pics:

A prehistoric kind of love.
A prehistoric kind of love.
Actual #RelationshipGoals.
Actual #RelationshipGoals.

Greg told The Huffington Post that this is one of four T. Rex photo shoots they have planned. In part two, the dinos will be making a return as bride and groom for a spring wedding shoot.

Below, more photos to sink your razor-sharp dinosaur teeth into:


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