Tabla CLOSING ... Danny Meyer's First Closure

Madison Square Park Indian restaurant Tabla will close on December 30 after 12 years, the restaurant said Thursday.

It marks the first closure ever in highly successful restaurateur Danny Meyer's Union Square Hospitality Group.

"After 12 wonderful and rewarding years, I am deeply saddened to share with you that Tabla will be closing its doors on December 30, 2010," chef/partner Floyd Cardoz said in an email to customers Thursday. "While Tabla succeeded so beautifully in so many ways as a restaurant, we regret that it ultimately was not able to succeed as a business. Despite our greatest efforts, its 283 seats have proved too many to sustain for a restaurant with such a specific culinary focus. This has been an overwhelmingly painstaking decision for me, Danny Meyer and our partners, especially as we consider the incredible people who work here and you, our loyal guests. Tabla has enjoyed a magnificent 12-year run, and we plan to close this chapter on a high note in an uplifting way that celebrates our journey."

Cardoz said he will "embark upon a new culinary journey with Union Square Hospitality Group to develop a new restaurant beyond the realm of Indian spices."

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