'Taboo': Man Has Collected And Cleaned Thousands Of Bones Over The Past 50 Years (VIDEO)

For more than 50 years, Ray Bandar has been collecting animal bones. The 84-year-old San Francisco native has amassed an enormous collection of bones, which he proudly showed off on the latest installment of National Geographic's "Taboo."

Bandar estimates he has 7,000 skulls, 200 pelvises and countless other limbs from animals he mostly found and cleaned himself. He reportedly uses bacteria, maggots and flesh-eating beetles to clear the bones from flesh and other matter.

"“I enjoy removing the flesh from the skull and disarticulating the jaws," Bandar said. "I see nothing gross about this, whether it’s a fresh animal or a badly decomposed animal, makes no difference to me."

Ray has all the legal permits needed for his peculiar hobby, and even uses his decades of knowledge and experience to help with a variety of scientific research topics.

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