Taboola Pioneers "Text to Video" for Bloomberg, CNN and Revision3

Taboola Pioneers "Text to Video" for Bloomberg, CNN and Revision3
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Taboola, the video recommendation engine which is used by publishers to provide "related" or "recommended" videos at the end of clips, has introduced a system for publishers to offer up recommended video thumbnails at around text articles.

For the new service, the company spiders text stories and provides thumbnails of videos adjacent or below the article. Videos are selected by both topic and through individual interest. (Taboola has dropped around 1 billion cookies.)

The company has been providing this new solution to, the and most recently signed up Revision3. The company also works with online video platforms including Brightcove.

Earlier this month, we spoke with Taboola's Liz Hughes who heads sales and marketing for the New York/Tel Aviv based start-up.

She says that the company's tools are driving dramatically higher video consumption for many of its publishers. The arrangement with publishers is a revenue sharing agreement. Publishers who integrate Taboola provide some text links to Taboola ad inventory.

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