Taco Bell Unveils 'Diablo,' Its Hottest Sauce Yet

Taco Bell Unveils 'Diablo,' Its Hottest Sauce Yet

Taco Bell wants you to feel the burn. And with the introduction of the company's new "Diablo" hot sauce, the fast food chain is on its way.

Diablo, which means "devil" in Spanish, is set to debut on May 5, otherwise known as "Cinco de Mayo."

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According to Taco Bell spokeswoman Ashley Sioson, Diablo is made from aji panca, chipotle and chili peppers. It will join Taco Bell's other hot sauce packets -- Verde, Mild, Hot and Fire.

But if you're not satisfied with the hot sauce packets, you might at least find the Diablo packaging entertaining. Each packet contains a "wisdom" saying (there are 12 in all) that are supposed to give off a "we don't give a shishito attitude," according to Taco Bell.

You can see them all below:

Though Diablo is a nice addition to Taco Bell's condiment choices, we're still holding out for the rest of the company's secret sriracha menu to debut so we can get our hands on the really hot stuff.

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Before You Go

There were long lines.
Chris McGrath via Getty Images
About 150 people lined up in front of the restaurant before it even opened.
For their troubles, though, the queuers got some swag.
Chris McGrath via Getty Images
The first 100 people in line got free T-shirts!
People liked these T-shirts.
Chris McGrath via Getty Images
Who doesn't like free T-shirts?
A Taco Bell employee shook diners' hands as they got to the front of the line.
Chris McGrath via Getty Images
No word on whether the store also gave out any of those snazzy Taco Bell purple ties at the opening.
Once inside, people thronged behind the counter to order.
Chris McGrath via Getty Images
They saw lots more Taco Bell purple. That tie was only the beginning.
Because the whole thing was new to a lot of customers, the staff had to explain the menu.
Chris McGrath via Getty Images
That's what happens when a fast food chain leaves a country for over 20 years. People forget.
Then they got their food.
Chris McGrath via Getty Images
Is it just us, or does this employee kind of look like he doesn't want to hand over the bag?
Everybody had worked up quite an appetite waiting in line, so they eagerly devoured tacos.
Chris McGrath via Getty Images
The moment of truth was at hand. Or at mouth, we guess.
Even people who look like businessmen!
Chris McGrath via Getty Images
The menu at the Japanese outpost of the chain isn't completely identical to the menu in America. It includes fries and avocado shrimp burritos. Score one for Japan.
Even the mascot was having a good time.
Chris McGrath via Getty Images
But let's be honest: There was probably someone who became so famished after waiting in line for hours that they tried to eat him.