Taco Bell Responds To 'Leaked' Gay Commercial

Taco Bell Responds To 'Leaked' Gay Commercial

Earlier this month a gay-themed television commercial attributed to Taco Bell featuring two men cuddling and a same-sex wedding leaked onto the Internet.

In the clip, which can be seen above, two buddies stop at the fast food chain for a "breakfast pitstop" and then one of them ponders aloud, "I wonder what else we could fit in before work."

Among the activities the guys manage to check off on their joint to-do list: finding pirate treasure, riding jet skis, spooning on a picnic blanket and getting married.

Little information is provided on the video's YouTube landing page but the high quality of the ad had many believing that the clip was legitimately produced by Taco Bell.

After the video began going viral on Internet blogs late last week, Taco Bell sent the following statement to Mediaite.com on Friday night:

“We didn’t create this ad, but we can see the people who did share the same Live Mas passion for our brand -- and our breakfast—as we do. Although we cannot condone unauthorized use of our intellectual property, we are impressed with their work and would be open to meeting with them.”

In recent years companies have often chosen gay themes and plots for a variety of reasons from the comedic to the inspirational. In 2014 Honey Maid graham crackers and Cheerios both featured queer representations in advertisements for their products.

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