Taco Bell Is Testing Cheetos Burritos

Taco Bell just announced that they’ll be testing new Cheetos Burritos starting in August. The beefy new burritos are stuffed with seasoned meat, buttery rice, a cheese sauce and everyone’s favorite puffy cheese snack.

We have to say, it’s kind of a relief that they’re not Hot Cheetos for once.

Taco Bell Canada introduced Beefy Cheddar Cheetos Crunchwrap Sliders and Supreme Cheetos Crunchwrap Sliders earlier this year. While the chips are not a first for the fast food chain, it’s the first time they’ll be using Cheetos in US menus.

You can expect the upcoming Cheetos Burrito to hit Taco Bell test sites around the US starting in August. They’ll be available for $1. Kind of perfect if you’ve got the munchies and you’re strapped for cash.

Hopefully it makes the main menu. Could always use more Cheetos in our lives.

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