Louisiana Cops: Don't Call Us To Complain About Taco Bell

"Definitely NACHO problem," one citizen told the police in Slidell after the report of a taco shell shortage.

A Taco Bell without taco shells might seem, well, criminal. But it’s not something to call the police about.

That’s announcement a police department in Louisiana issued this week in response to a citizen’s call for help.

A Taco Bell in Slidell ran out of hard and soft taco shells, and one irate customer reported the gross miscarriage of justice to the police.

In a Facebook post on Monday, the Slidell Police Department agreed that the lack of taco shells was “truly a travesty.” But the offense wasn’t under their jurisdiction.

People who saw the police post had strong feelings. Here are some of the comments:

  • It should be renamed as Taco Dumbell.”
  • “Wow, people are serious about their processed foods!”
  • “Wow I’m not sure what’s the bigger crime calling the police for that stupidity or eating at Taco Bell 🤑”
  • “Slidell police department, this is definitely NACHO problem. 😂😂”

HuffPost reached out to Taco Bell, which did not immediately respond.



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