"Taco Belle" Is The Fast Food Princess We've Been Waiting For

That's what we're taco-ing about!

It's the pun of all puns: girl dresses up as Belle from "Beauty and The Beast," goes to Taco Bell, goes viral for being "Taco Belle." That's what happened to Olivia Mears, a 24-year-old recent graduate of Western Carolina University, about three years ago.

"I was dressed as a normal Belle after a photoshoot in 2012 and decided to eat some Taco Bell while in costume," said Mears. "Someone snapped a picture of me and posted it to Reddit and it went viral."

Now, Mears is going viral again for nearly the same reason. She took her Taco Bell moment and transformed it into a literal "Taco Belle" dress, making her the fairy princess of our fast food dreams.

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Mears estimates the costume took around 30 hours to make from fabric, cardstock, tissue paper and felt. She's done it before: "Some of my more popular costumes, including wedding dresses, are made entirely from toilet paper and glue, or armour sets made from PBR cans."

While Mears said people usually respond to her creations by telling her she has a lot of time on her hands, she insists that isn't the case. "I have as much as everyone else, I just hate being bored. I've always got at least three costumes/artworks I'm working on at any given time," she said.

To see more of Mears work, be sure to visit her Facebook, Instagram and Etsy page.

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