The Taco Emoji Is HERE, People

After months of whining about our extreme need for a taco emoji, the day has finally arrived -- sort of. The folks at the Unicode Consortium, who write the code for all your favorite emojis, announced Wednesday that they are releasing codes for a wave of new emoji characters.

The release includes codes for burrito emojis, hot dog emojis, cheese wedge emojis, and yes -- even the TACO EMOJI:

Though the emojis have been created by Unicode, they aren't ready for phones just yet, and some may never make it. However, it's likely that at least some of the new emojis will make it through the vetting process.

Taco Bell, one of the key supporters of the taco emoji movement, issued this statement upon hearing the news:

Unicode's approval of the Taco Emoji brings us one step closer to filling a void in the hearts and keyboards of taco lovers everywhere. Our fans love tacos, and they love emojis – the 30,000 petition signatures and support on social media is proof of what is possible when you bring those things together. With this major milestone, we’re hopeful the taco emoji will find its way into the mobile operating system updates soon to make our taco dreams a delicious reality.

Until the major players like Apple and Google finally decide to include our beloved taco, make your needs known by signing Taco Bell's petition. And if anyone out there has some free time on their hands, we readily welcome a petition to FINALLY get a bacon emoji on our keyboard. Together, we can do it!

H/T Eater

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