Taco Fails: When Bad Things Happen To Good Tacos (PHOTOS)

We're warning you, mayonnaise is involved.

Tacos are a lot like sandwiches. They're essentially the same concept, just wrapped in a different shell. In general, they're pretty easy to make. But even the simplest tasks can go horribly wrong. We saw what can happen when people are left to their own devices with sandwiches. And we're warning you, it's even worse with tacos.

We understand that cooking isn't easy. It's not the actual cooking part that's hard, but trying to live up to the expectation that your food can and should look like it does in cookbooks. You guys, that food is not real. It has been styled. It has been propped. Some of it probably even has glue in it.

If you're feeling bad about your cooking skills because you think they aren't up to par with everyone else's, we're here to tell you it's time to relax. Other people have done it so much worse than you -- promise. So long as your food tastes good that's all that matters. Oh, and that it doesn't look like the taco disasters below.

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At Least Your Taco Doesn't Look Like THIS

Taco Fails

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