Quynh Maldonado, Wife Of Tacoma Mall Shooter, Says Husband Is Still 'The One' (VIDEO)

The young wife of the Washington man who shot and wounded seven in a Tacoma mall in 2005 and orchestrated a deadly failed prison break in June told ABC News she has no regrets about her behind-bars marriage.

Quynh Maldonado, the 23-year-old wife of convicted Tacoma Mall shooter Dominick Maldonado, 25, told the network she fell in love with her husband after seeing him on television.

"I felt just right then and there that he is the one," she told ABC.

Dominick is currently serving an 163-year sentence at the Clallam Bay Corrections Center. He and Quynh were married there in 2007.

Dominick made the news again this June when he used a pair of scissors from the prison garment shop where he worked to hold a guard hostage in a bid for freedom, the Associated Press reported. Another would-be escapee, Kevin Newland, was shot and killed by a corrections officer when he tried to drive a forklift through the prison fence.

"I guess from what I've heard he just wanted to see me," Quynh told ABC. "At the same time, if he did it for love then I guess I shouldn't really be that mad about it."

The young woman began writing her future husband shortly after he was incarcerated, slipping risque pictures of herself in with her notes.

"I just felt so madly in love with him," she said.