Taekwondo Tyke Has The Hardest Time Breaking This Darn Board

Trying your best never looked so cute.

This child entered his taekwondo lesson as a small boy and left as a young martial artist. To achieve his new status, however, he had to overcome one obstacle: a blue board.

Break it, and a coveted white belt would be presented. Fail, and mom would have to find a new after-school activity. Much was riding on the boy's board break.

To ensure a clean connection, the senei and his pupil practiced ad nauseum. 

Good form and follow-through. Now for the test: 

Wait, what happened to all those practice moves? Ah, well, who needs them. This scrappy kid's struggles with the board look like an adorable moment from a Pixar animated short. His tramplings, while strong, were tiny and completely ineffective. 

Let's try again though. Mom -- rather, the kid -- needs this white belt.  

Practical, if incorrect. The board needs to break, not merely go away. Mimicking movements from yesterday's bumblebee soccer match simply won't do the job. 

But will HULK SMASH do the trick? 

Nope. Again: foot + board = break. No hands allowed, ma. 

Undeterred, our black-belt-in-training unleashed a more focused effort.

NEARLY THERE. (Aim for the centerfold!) 


White belt achieved. Next week's lesson: What's a handshake? 

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