Taika Waititi Is Down For Valkyrie To Be 'Explicitly Queer' In 'Thor 4'

"If Tessa wanted to do that, I’m in," the "Thor: Love and Thunder" director said.

Taika Waititi confirms he’s worthy.

After collecting an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay on Sunday, the “Jojo Rabbit” filmmaker spoke with Variety, where he chatted about everything from “Star Wars” to Marvel.

During the conversation, the magazine asked if the director would like Tessa Thompson’s superhero character, Valkyrie, to be “explicitly queer” in his upcoming movie “Thor: Love and Thunder,” and Waititi confirmed he’s down.

“I think so,” said the director. “The IP is not mine. But with the actors, I feel whatever makes them comfortable — whether they feel like there’s a natural choice, or a natural way for that character to go — then I’m pretty supportive. If Tessa wanted to do that, I’m in.”

And it really seems like Tessa wants to do it.

The actor has openly discussed her character being bisexual ever since Waititi’s first go at the Marvel Cinematic Universe, 2017′s “Thor: Ragnarok.”

At 2019 San Diego Comic-Con, Thompson was asked onstage what Valkyrie would be doing as the new king of Asgard in the fourth “Thor” movie.

“I think first of all as king, as new king, she needs to find her queen. That’ll be her first order of business. She has some ideas. Keep you posted,” she said.

Marvel boss Kevin Feige later confirmed to iO9 that Valkyrie would be involved in an LGBTQ storyline in the new “Thor.”

“The answer is yes,” he said, “How that impacts the story remains to be seen with that level of representation you’ll see across our films, not in just ‘Thor 4.’”

With Waititi supportive of it too, all that’s left to say is: All hail the king.

Read the full Variety interview.

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