Tail Wagging Dog: <em>New York Post</em> Fantasizes Spitzer Back Into Office

Who wants Eliot Spitzer back in office more, Spitzer or the?
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Who wants Eliot Spitzer back in office more, Spitzer or the New York Post? This morning's cover of the Post (a classic in Post terms) says Spitzer is looking to run for office again ("say it ain't, ho!"). The article quotes anonymous sources who say he is considering returning to public office, perhaps statewide, but provides scant evidence otherwise. But does it really matter how much truth is behind the headline? Or is it a matter of the paper creating the headline in the hopes the story will follow?

The New York Post knows where its bread is buttered, if Spitzer were to run for office again just imagine the headlines (today's is just the tip of the iceberg)! It would be the best thing to happen to the paper since Rudy Giuliani's short-lived run against Hillary Clinton for New York's Senate seat back in 2000.

In all likelihood the Post probably took one look at the current statewide political field, which is dire pretty much across the board, and decided some action was necessary. Between another Bloomberg term, Gillibrand and Schumer ensconced in the Senate, and Cuomo in line for Gov, we're not talking headline grabbers. Plus, Paterson's numbers are so in the tank he's almost already out of the picture. Spitzer, however, is a gift! Leave it to the Post to create for themselves a story that will carry them through another year of slumping newspaper sales.

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