Taipei Announced As 2016 World Design Capital

By Karissa Rosenfield
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It’s official: has been selected as the 2016 World Design Capital (WDC). This doesn’t come by surprise, as back in August they were the only city selected by International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) to move onto the competition’s final round.

The city campaigned under the slogan “Adaptive City: Design in Motion,” focusing on how design can improve the living standards of their citizens. To strengthen their campaign, officials proposed 20 projects under the “Public Policy by Design” program that intended to strengthen the connection between designers, the public and funders. Over 600 workshops have already been conducted, encouraging collaboration between the city’s top officials and design professionals, and many more are scheduled to take place.

Over the next two years, the city will continue with the “Adaptive City” theme by executing six exemplary projects. This will include the redevelopment of the Minglun Elementary School as a response to the declining birthrate, a new city museum at the existing Taipei Expo Park, establishing more livable and desirable streetscapes, and constructing intelligent and comfortable bus shelters.

Past to hold the designation include Torino, Italy (2008); Seoul, South Korea (2010); and Helsinki, Finland (2012). Currently, the South African city of Cape Town is preparing to be the 2014 WDC.

Reference: Blouin ArtInfo



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