Taiwan City Collects Dog Poop In Exchange For Gold Lottery (VIDEO)

Parisians, New Yorkers, take note: one Taiwanese city has developed an ingenious Midas-like new solution on how to deal with dog waste on its streets and sidewalks.

As Reuters is reporting, New Taipei City hopes to persuade residents to clean up after their dogs by offering raffle tickets in exchange for each bag of droppings they submit. Each ticket offers a chance at a drawing for one of three gold ingots, worth $2081, $624 and $416 respectively, Business Insider is reporting.

“We believe this innovative measure will raise people’s awareness of the problem,” Chen Chao-mint, an official with the city's environmental protection department, is quoted by the Taipei Times as saying. “Through the raffle, we expect the public to pay closer attention to environmental sanitation and play a more active role in keeping their surroundings clean,” he said.

Would-be collectors will also have access to free garbage bags, and rewards will be given for people who photograph pet owners who leave their dogs' messes uncleaned, Reuters reports.

Watch CBS's report on the new plan here: