'League of Legends' Gamer Dies In Taiwan, Corpse Goes Unnoticed For Hours In Internet Cafe

Internet Cafe Patrons Ignore Body Of Dead Gamer

It took hours for patrons and staff to notice the corpse of a man who died after an hours-long gaming session at an Internet cafe in Taiwan, Sky News reports.

Staff members at an Internet cafe in New Taipei City discovered the lifeless body of Chen Jung-yu Wednesday night when they came to tell him that the 23-hour gaming pass he had purchased Tuesday night had expired. The 23-year-old gamer apparently died 10 hours earlier, according the Taipei Times.

Police told the Taipei Times they were disgusted when they arrived at the scene to find other gamers were disinterested in the corpse and wanted to continue playing during the investigation.

A picture of the crime scene posted to paper's website shows the corpse with outstretched arms reaching toward the keyboard of a computer.

The body had apparently been in that position since 3 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, about 10 hours into Chen's gaming session.

According to the Mirror, Chen had been playing "League of Legends," a 3D online multi-player videogame.

Investigators are still determining the cause of Chen's death.

According to his family, Chen was treated for a heart problem in September, Sky News reports.

Marathon sessions have been blamed in the deaths of a number of gamers. In 2005, a 28-year-old man from South Korea collapsed and died after playing "Starcraft" at an Internet cafe for 50 hours, BBC News reported.

In September 2007, state media in China reported that a man died of exhaustion after playing videogames for three straight days, according to Fox News.

In both cases, investigators say the men had not slept or eaten during their marathon sessions.

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