Kite Yanks 3-Year-Old Girl 30 Feet Into The Air In Festival Nightmare

The event was held in near-gale winds.

There was a scary moment in Taiwan this weekend when a toddler was lifted 30 feet into the air by one of the kites at the Hsinchu City International Kite Festival.

According to Focus Taiwan, the 3-year-old girl suffered abrasions to her face and neck, but was otherwise unharmed.

Winds in the community located about 50 miles southwest of Taipei reached 7 on the Beaufort Scale, which is listed as “near gale” and can include winds of up to 38 mph, the news site reported.

Taiwan English News said the kite’s tail wrapped around the girl and lifted her into the sky. Footage from the festival showed her swinging wildly in the air. When she neared the ground, a crowd of people grabbed the child and pulled her down.

The local government shut down the festival and has ordered a safety review, Taiwan English News reported.

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