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2.5 Minutes Of Unadulterated Meat Porn At Takashi (VIDEO)

They take their beef very seriously at Takashi.

Vegetarians, vegans, pescetarians and those who are otherwise averse to watching videos about raw meat should definitely click away now.

For those of you who are left, please enjoy two and a half minutes of some of the most beautiful meat porn we've ever seen, courtesy of Cool Hunting and Takashi NYC. Chef Takashi Inoue celebrates beef at his New York City restaurant, usually presenting diners with various raw cuts to either be consumed immediately or grilled at their table. As Takashi reminds us, if you treat it correctly, you can really eat the entire cow, from tongue to testicle (and actually have it taste delicious).

We're still trying to decide if our favorite part is listening to the chef describe his life's work, watching his cooks perfectly butcher the glistening raw meat, or listening to it sizzle once it hits the grill.

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