Take a Moment to Learn About Intersectional Feminism With Pizza

Cheesy and we love it.

Comedian/writer/awesome human Akilah Hughes created a neat video that breaks down intersectionality in feminism... with pizza. The video, which she shared on her Twitter account, includes awesome pizza metaphors to illustrate the issue in a new and mouthwatering way -- seriously if you're dieting you may need a cheat day by the end of it. Just tell yourself it's calories for a cause.

The description under YouTube video, which already has over 70,000 views, includes a key to understanding the metaphors:

Burgers = men
Pizza = women
Cheese Pizza = white women
Deluxe Pizza = any combination of gay, bi, trans, POC etc., women

Guys we're living in a burger world which makes it hard to be a pizza, let alone a deluxe pizza. It may sound a little confusing now. Intersectionality in feminism is a big issue that's sometimes hard to digest (get it?) But once you watch this flawless feminist's latest video, it'll all make sense.

As much as I wish we could talk about intersectionality without flashing delicious food at a camera, sometimes we need to take it one piece (or slice) at a time. And if melted cheese and assorted toppings get us talking about important issues I'm here for it. As Hughes puts it, "As good as it is to talk about cheese pizzas, the world could use a lot more flavor."