Take A MSM Holiday

If you want to get through the aftermath of the Virginia Tech massacre in a healthier way, don't watch the news for about a week. If you did not need an anti-depressant before this event, you may have to start if you decide to listen, watch, or read the news. These vultures will do you in.

Spend a week with your family and hug them everyday to appreciate them. Take some time off from work and connect with the people you love. Go to the movies or a museum or do anything that interests you to divert your attention from the toxic doses of media poisoning that is about to follow. The MSM will spend endless hours talking about the "why did he do it" or "why did this happen" routines that they always go through. And the answer is there is no answer or rational explanation for this. Given the state of our society, I would ask why this does not happen more often here.

Yesterday's tragedy is a daily event in many other places in the world. Iraqis and their children have to deal with this on a far more wide spread basis than we do in the U.S. And in the case of Iraq, the U.S. has been the chief catalyst to the daily tragedy that is going on there. It brings back all the nightmares of the past that I have seen since the University of Texas massacre in the 1960s. In that case the assassin was suffering from a tumor in his brain. The Virginia Tech assassin surely had a brain disease of some kind. That is all you need to know. The real issue is whether the cause was genetic or environmental.

If it was a genetic disorder of the brain of the assassin as was the case in Texas, I would consider this comparable to a natural disaster like a flood or earthquake. Those events generally cannot be predicted or avoided. On the other hand, if the cause of this pathology is based upon a perception of societal injustice or personal outrage, than the Virginia Tech assassin is more akin to a suicide bomber. And in this case, the terrorism is within our own borders ala the Oklahoma City bombing.

Since 9/11 our President has told us "we have to fight them there so we don't have to fight them here." Since this particular assassin is a South Korean National, perhaps GWB would consider attacking South Korea in his sick logic. My answer is that "we have to fight them here so we don't have to fight them here." And the ones we have to fight here are mostly the politicians and media moguls that use fear and propaganda to line their own pockets and give them the power of nightmares to control and exploit us.