Peeps-Flavored Oreos Are Here And We Don't Know Who Will Eat Them

What were peep-le thinking?

Every few months, Oreo unleashes a new flavor on unsuspecting grocery shoppers. They generally range from delicious (hello Red Velvet and Cinnamon Bun), to the highly questionable (lookin’ at you, Swedish Fish and Watermelon).

Now that Peeps-flavored Oreos are hitting the shelves, it seems we’re back to a “questionable” choice. That’s right folks, America’s least favorite Easter treat combined forces with America’s favorite cookie to make this:

What are your thoughts?
What are your thoughts?

Because as we all know, there’s nothing more delicious than golden Oreo cookies filled with Peeps-flavored marshmallow filling, right? RIGHT?

According to a press release from Walmart, the cookies will hit Walmart stores on Feb. 22. A representative told HuffPost in an emailed statement that the cookies are not exclusive to Walmart and will also be available at a few other grocery stores.


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