Take a Stand

Dear fellow Americans,

In March of 2003, President Bush sent our military to war based on a fallacy, without the proper equipment, without enough troops, and no plan to win the peace.

The president and his incompetent inner circle had no regard for the outcome, the impact on our troops, our country, and the Iraqi people.

Today from coast to coast, thousands of concerned citizens will turn out to attend "Take a Stand" hosted by Americans Against Escalation in Iraq and vigils organized by moveon.org. Sign up here to join us:

These events are the culmination of a nationwide organizing effort called "Iraq Summer" with some 100 organizers and hundreds of volunteers working congressional districts to turn up the heat on nearly 50 members of Congress. Over the past 48 hours citizens have participated in "stake-outs" outside congressional district offices to send a message to Congress: America wants an end to this reckless war.

We, the American people, can no longer allow this president to further dismantle our great nation with his inept and arrogant leadership. The impact of his reckless war in Iraq will be felt for generations to come.

Since the kick-off, "Iraq Summer" organizers have held 362 press events, planted 30,452 lawn signs (often in the member's immediate neighborhood), created 265 YouTube videos, and directly confronted members of Congress on their war votes 125 times.

Last week, I hosted Representative Tom Davis of Virginia at his own "Take a Stand" town hall meeting. Unlike Congressman Davis, the majority of those members of Congress who have supported President Bush's policy of endless war in Iraq refuse to face their constituents. However, some members of Congress will join me and Iraq veterans and thousands of Americans in participating in the town hall forums, including: Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), Rep. Tom Allen (D-ME), Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) and Rep. Betty McCollum (D-MN) at schoolhouses, churches and meeting halls around the country.

Day after day, we hear the sad news of our troops being killed in Iraq while President Bush continues to paint a false picture of Iraq as if the situation is fine and dandy. Iraq has plunged into a religious civil war with multiple warring factions who all want to kill Americans while they are killing themselves in the process. It is endless and we must have the courage to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Stand with me and others who are speaking out.

Join tens of thousands of your fellow Americans who are taking part in over 680 events nationwide to TAKE A STAND against Bush's reckless Iraq policy.

Before he does any more damage, we must send W and Congress a crystal clear message: END THE WAR AND BRING OUR TROOPS HOME SAFELY.

In solidarity,

John Bruhns

Iraq war veteran

P.S. Sign up for the event in your local community