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Take Care of the Work; Take Care of Yourself - Search Inside Yourself Engage

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Many of us are committed to taking care of our work, and at the same time to take care of ourselves. We work hard to have meaningful work and a meaningful life. The underlying question is "What really matters? And "How can I live in a way that helps others, and how can I be part of creating social change"?

Search Inside Yourself (SIY) was developed within Google in response to these questions. It is a program that integrates mindfulness, emotional intelligence, leadership, and science. It is now one of the most popular and successful programs within Google. The Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute was formed to bring this work into companies and organizations throughout the world.

We're building on the success of the SIY program and offering an advanced mindfulness and emotional intelligence training to support people to deepen their practice and engage with the world. The program is Search Inside Yourself: Engage, and integrates deep personal development with the best practices we've learned from individuals and teams creating positive change within organizations.

Over the course of 5 months participants will develop the knowledge, tools, and leadership mindset to bring the benefits of mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and compassionate leadership into the workplace.

Who Should Attend?

· People seeking to create the workplace they've always known was possible

· Workplace leaders and managers

· HR professionals, coaches and consultants

· Social entrepreneurs

· Professionals from all industries: teachers, doctors, attorneys, social workers

What Will I Learn?

· Understand the frameworks and science that support bringing mindfulness and compassion into organizations, including neuroscience, emotional intelligence and systems thinking.

· Learn specific tools developed to make it easy to introduce mindfulness to newcomers, especially in the workplace.

· Deepen your own mindfulness practice, with support and accountability from peers.

· Gain confidence in your role as a "mindful champion" through assignments to introduce practical mindfulness-based tools into your world.

What Will I Be Able To Do After Engage?

· Experience the benefits of mindfulness & emotional intelligence, and learn to present the case for introducing them into organizations.

· Facilitate a Mindfulness-based study group to introduce mindfulness-based emotional intelligence practices and the science behind them.

· Facilitate Wisdom Circles, a mindfulness-based group practice that helps sustain and integrate contemplative practices, supports problem-solving by leveraging the wisdom of the group, and builds a more compassionate workplace culture.

· Introduce a Mindful Meeting process that will help people to be fully present, build trust, and work more effectively together.

· Support individuals directly with mindfulness and emotional intelligence tools to help them develop more wellbeing, resilience, and self-awareness at work.

· Share and integrate everything you've learned into your own style and offerings.

What impact can I expect by sharing these tools?

Mindfulness-based emotional intelligence practices help individuals increase well-being, decrease stress and become more resilient. Through mindful communication practices, individuals can improve how they relate and collaborate with one another, the result being more enjoyable and effective teamwork. They will learn tools to navigate challenges more effectively while staying centered and calm. As you spread these new practices across an organization, you will be building a wiser and more compassionate culture.

What impact can I expect personally?

SIY Engage focuses on deep personal growth, similar in intention and format to our past teacher training program. Participants especially valued the combination of knowledge & tools, how the experience catalyzed personal growth, and the wisdom, heart and support that emerged through building community.

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Applications are due by Sunday, March 6th. Be sure to get yours in soon!

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