These Dudes Are Turning The Tables On Girlfriends Who Steal Their Hoodies

These guys have an official battle cry: #TakeHerHoodie

They are loud, they are proud, and they are not backing down. 

Dudes across the social media are stealing and wearing their girlfriends’ hoodies as part of the hilarious and very real #TakeHerHoodie movement. Godswill Muofhe, the student who started the hashtag, explained the ~fearless~ message behind the trend. 

“Ladies, we’ve had enough. You can’t just take our hoodies this year without giving them back,” the 21-year-old, who lives in Texas, wrote on Twitter. “This year we are fighting back.”

Muofhe, who’s fallen victim to hoodie-stealing himself, said that guys have been left “cold and hoodie-less” in the past. With the weather getting chillier, it was time to take a stand, he told Indy100. 

So with hoodie season in full swing, vengeful boos shared photos of themselves rocking too-short sweatshirts and sweaters that fit just a little snug.

Some expressed their excitement around the hashtag, relieved to finally have an outlet to vent about their stolen hoodies. 

This is our year. #takeherhoodie this is for the countless #hoodies I've lost because someone else #claimed them. #2016

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Others took their protest to the next level. 

A few flaunted their new looks ― even if the hoodies weren’t the perfect fit. 

 And a couple guys actually ended up feeling FOMO.

It turns out, girlfriends on Twitter seem pretty amused by the movement with some encouraging the silly trend.

One genius social media user even had a brilliant suggestion to “improve” #TakeHerHoodie.

While the hashtag was started as a joke, Muofhe mentioned that it touches on a more serious issue. The trend “pushes the envelope” on the concept of masculinity. 

“It’s funny to see men wearing their girlfriend’s clothes and not being seen as less of a man,” he told Indy100. 

All in all, this is one of those times where we just need to say, “thank you internet. Thank you.”