'Take Me Home' Album Cover: One Direction Releases Artwork For New Record (PHOTO)

The countdown to the November release of "Take Me Home" continues. In keeping with the album's title, announced on Louis's Twitter yesterday, the "Take Me Home" cover is a playful return to the boys' British roots.

The artwork, unveiled this morning, shows the band members horsing around on an iconic London red telephone booth. Niall is trapped inside the booth while Liam appears to be falling off the top, and Harry looks on while Zayn lifts Louis up to grab Liam's hand. And true to the fashion of their home country, the guys are dressed in tweed, oxfords, bow ties, and in Zayn's case, even a cheeky bowler hat. Their gentlemanly style couldn't be more of a departure from the spring break-ready looks the guys were sporting during the filming of the "Live While We're Young" video.

Scroll down to view the full image below.

The band also released a "yearbook edition" of the cover, revealed yesterday on Perez Hilton (click here to take a look!). According to Perez, the digital album features 14 tracks and four videos.

Right on cue, Directions took to Twitter with their responses to the cover -- and they almost unanimously approved.

In just a month, Directioners will finally get a musical taste of the album when the first single, "Live While We're Young," drops. Until then, eager 1D fans will count down to September 3, the day the album becomes available for pre-order.

What do you think of the album cover? Is it better than the cover of "Up All Night"? Tell us in the comments below or tweet @HuffPostTeen!

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