'Take Me Home Tonight': Music Video Plays On 80's Movies (VIDEO)

'Take Me Home Tonight': Having Fun With 80's Movies

Haven't seen many 80's films? Here's a quick education.

Topher Grace conceived of "Take Me Home Tonight" as the first movie set in the 80's that doesn't spoof the '80s -- no ironic comments about brick phones or shoulder pads allowed -- but, well, a funny cast just had to scratch an itch.

And now it's going viral.

Grace, along with a cast that includes Anna Faris, Dan Fogel, Teresa Palmer, Dimitri Martin and many more, takes on an Atomic Tom cover of the Human League's "Don't You Want Me" in a party that's like IMDB at a rave.

Recalling films such as "Back To The Future," "Karate Kid," "Say Anything," "Ghostbusters" and more, they re-enact -- and, in the process, live out dreams -- some of the most iconic scenes from the 80's.

"We thought, we have this great cast -- Anna is probably the greatest for spoofs alive -- we should do this to get this out of our system," Grace told The Huffington Post.

Of course, the whole thing is done with love.

"We do have a great affection for all those movies," he said. "We're not even spoofing them that much."

And about that "Back to the Future" scene stealer? It just came naturally -- after a night of on-set partying.

"There was a DeLorean on set, and in our free time on set, we'd go do that Michael J. Fox Doc Brown thing, and I said, someone give me a mic, we may actually take some sound here," Grace explained.

Good thing. It worked.


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