Take Risks, Have Fun

I had to go to Aspen for a party, because you know, that's my life. I stayed a week.

On a crystalline afternoon for fun we drove to Independence Pass, the top of the earth. The moonscape. With the snow.

A convertible sporty motorcar at a high rate of speed up the old mining road to the crest of the Rocky Mountains is a magnificent ride. To the Continental Divide, where America parts ways, rivers traveling either to the Pacific or the Atlantic, whence the mouths of the rivers speak. It's approx. 12 thousand feet and it's winter in summer.

We powered up the narrow road cut in the walls of stone overlooking valleys of antediluvian magnificence, carving hairpin turns with their low rock walls which would do nothing to prevent one from surging into deep canyons of Aspen trees clustering thickly down to a boulder filled river. Certain death.

But I had Superman for a driver, in perfect control. It was exhilarating. I was laughing even at the risks. We were just lucky no one was traveling west. Seeing as we survived this is an experience that will live with me in visuals of brilliant golden tones.

Take risks. Have fun. And yes, the party was terrific, but top secret. I'm home in Key West now and off to the beach for a kip in the sunshine.