How Organizing Expert Beth Zeigler Takes The Stress Out Of Decluttering

Tossing your stuff sucks.

Many of us are guilty of putting off organizing and cleaning projects at home because they are just too overwhelming and stressful. That's why we've rounded up tips from experts in the field who will help us conquer one task at a time this month, and get a fresh start at home.

Tossing your stuff, no matter how insignificant, is emotional and frustrating. That's why Beth Zeigler from Bneato compares getting organized to working out: You're not doing something right if you don't feel the burn. In other words, you just have to dive in there and don't give up until it's done, and you'll be so glad you did afterwards.

Need an extra boost of willpower? Read Zeigler's house rules (a free printable on her site!) which are excellent words to live by. She suggests putting it on your fridge for an added daily incentive to keeping your home in order.

take stress out of decluttering
Illustration by Raydene Salinas

Ziegler points out the most under-utilized storage area: Wall space inside closets. Cover them with hooks for everything from hats to scarves to belts

Her favorite organizing gadgets: Shelf risers, under shelf baskets and over the door shoe organizers (which can hold so much more than shoes)

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Get A Fresh Start On Cleaning And Organizing

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