Take The Pledge To Move Your Money

People fed up with the nation's biggest banks, whose casino-style investment practices are partly responsible for the financial crisis, are pledging to move their money to small community banks and credit unions. They're taking the power into their own hands and voting with their dollars to help put an end to predatory lending, outrageous fees and impersonal service.

Can it really change the way the big banks do their business? Yes. Banks need each and every account to finance their actions, and when you move from the major banks you hinder their ability to engage in risky behavior at the same time that you help local institutions invest in the community. It's a win both ways. People who use small banks and credit unions also report that they are treated better than they were with the big guys.

The grassroots campaign has caught on, and people are using the tools at to find solvent financial institutions nearby and make the switch. They're documenting their stories on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Watch the video, explore your banking options and click Pledge below to spread the word.