Take the Power Out of Bullying: Bystander Revolution

Take the Power Out of Bullying: Bystander Revolution
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Last fall during National Bullying Awareness Month, I read an excellent article by Huffington Post contributor Signe Whitson. It was called, "6 Reasons Why Bystanders Choose Not to Intervene to Stop Bullying."

This really stuck with me because it outlined why young people choose not to intervene when they witness bullying. I believe there are many adults that choose to ignore negative behavior of other adults for fear of the consequences. This is especially seen in the workplace, but shouldn't be ignored when it is happening in other aspects of life where adults are expected to behave like adults.

Recently, author and parent MacKenzie Bezos founded Bystander Revolution. With a collection of videos from every walk of life, Bezos's mission is to provide individuals with peer-to-peer advice to help defuse bullying.

Bullying and cyberbullying are a concern for all ages, and everyone needs to be proactive in becoming upstanders in their community.

It is refreshing to see people and students creating groups like Bystander Revolution and #iCanHelp Delete Negativity On Social Media to combat peer cruelty.

Takeaway tips:

•Visit #iCANHELP new website
•Watch all the videos on Bystander Revolution
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